We believe God is always present and at work in our lives. That’s why the sharing of our stories has been such an important part of Highrock from the very beginning. Stories can encourage, challenge, and inspire. They remind us that God is in the business of changing lives! Here are a few stories about what God has done in the lives of some of our members and in the life of our church.


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Embracing Her Ethnicity
LeLe Skinner Hsu

Growing up in rural America with African American and Filipino parents, LeLe encountered assumptions and negative stereotypes about her ethnic identity. But as she worked with college students through InterVarsity, she discovered a whole new outlook!

Sharing God's Generous Love in Malawi
Phenious Chuma

When Pheni was young, his family had so little to eat that he lost a sister to malnutrition. Now, he shares God's generosity through Love in Action: Malawi, a non-profit that helps to provide food and education to children in his home community.

Understanding God's Redeeming Love
Tasha Cetout

It was difficult for Tasha to believe how much God loves us until her first child came along. Watch how becoming a parent and a supportive Christian community helped Tasha begin to understand the depth of God's love for us.

Loving Our Imperfect Families
Karla Driskill

When relationships with her growing kids didn't turn out quite as perfectly as she'd planned, Karla tried parenting God's way and learned to love through her own - and her kids' - human imperfections.

Learning About God's Grace and Forgiveness Through Marriage
Alan & Sarah Kwok

Alan and Sarah Kwok met at Highrock, got married and lived happily ever after. At least, that's what they might have been expecting when they said "I do"! See what they learned through marriage and the community of believers here at Highrock.

Making Marriage a Ministry
Tyler & Laurel Simpson

After being disconnected from church when they were younger, see how Tyler and Laurel have lived out their renewed faith by making their marriage a ministry to one another for over 10 years.

Living a Life of Service
Jean Sicurella

After a mission trip to Mexico, Jean Sicurella was inspired to cofound a non-profit ministry caring for women and children living at the border. Watch her story and learn how you, too, can make a difference for asylum seekers through Mision de Caridad.

Welcoming Japanese Mothers at Highrock
Highrock's Japanese & International Host Ministries

Japanese speakers in our area face both language and cultural barriers. It can feel isolating and a bit overwhelming!  Hear what a difference some Highrock Hospitality has made for Japanese mothers in our community - and learn how you can get involved!

More Stories
A Campaign for Highrock Arlington

Highrock Arlington has been a wonderful place to welcome people from all over the world as we follow Christ, but we continue to outgrow our space! Learn more about what we are building, why we are building it, and how you can help!

High School Mission Trip 2019
Dominican Republic

The High Schoolers traveled to the Dominican Republic to give their time and energy to support two local ministries. See how God was working through them and those they met there!


Baptized at Highrock on Easter 2019, Sage tells us what fills her with joy as she sees God in small acts of love every day.

A Kidsrock Storyteller
Tom Swaim

Desiring to give back to the community, Tom Swaim volunteered to be a storyteller at Kidsrock. Hear how he has found his role to be richly rewarding.

Annica Hunter

In this lifestory, Annica Hunter shares how her faith has grown during challenging times by trusting in God's presence and provision in her life. 

Derrick Choi

At his baptism during Highrock's Easter 2018 celebration, Derrick shared how his exploration of Christian beliefs led him to discover the freedom of God's love.

Blessings in Hardship
Joy Huang

Through a series of low points early in her career, Highrock Overseer Joy Huang listened for God's call and found peace and contentment in following God's direction for her life.

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A Faithful God
Gina Bradley

When she put her trust in God, Gina Bradley's faith was rewarded over and over as God demonstrated his love for her and showed her how much we all, as his children, matter to him.

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Loving Others Through Service
Dave Logozzo

As a longtime Christian, Overseer Dave Logozzo has learned that when he serves others, he has been richly blessed in return. 

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Listening to God
Scott Rice

Dr. Scott Rice shares the story of how he listened for God's direction in his career and found evidence of God's overwhelming love through the encouragement of mentors and friends.

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The Essex House
Small Acts of Hospitality Can Go a Long Way

Highrockers are showing how simple and earnest acts of hospitality can spark new conversations and friendships

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International Hospitality
Homemade Hospitality at Bill & Judy Long's

It all starts with a simple meal! Hear how the Longs have invited international guests for food, conversation, and friendship over the years.

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L'Abri Fellowship International
Showing Hospitality Around the World

L'Abri Fellowship welcomes people around the world to stay for awhile, rest, and wrestle with the questions of Christian faith. See how these hosts at the L'Abri house in SouthBorough, MA, have made a home for their guests.

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Hunter Family Hospitality
Monday Night Dinner

We've all got to eat, so why not eat together? Hear how the Hunter family welcomes new friends each week with a simple meal, and gets a front row seat to see God working in their lives.

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Serving in Our Communities
Serve Day 2017

Each summer, Highrock takes a Sunday off from our usual worship services to go out and be the church to our community.  Check out some highlights from this year's projects!

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Kidsrock Volunteers
Hear some of their stories

Learning, God moments, craft fails, & celebrations! See why Highrockers enjoy volunteering in Kidsrock