Lies Christians Believe and the Truth that Sets Us Free | 6 of 10

Lies Christians Believe: The Bible is Literally True

Dave Swaim
Aug 05, 2018
Series Description

So many things sound "true". Maybe they're almost true. Maybe we'd like them to be true. Often, they're true enough until something goes wrong and we discover the platitudes we relied on for comfort weren't built to last. 

All of us have heard the clichés meant to offer comfort in a difficult moment, but don't realize they can hurt when they prove unreliable. In this series we want to tackle some of the most common "Lies Christians Believe", and discover the truth that sets us free and will never let us down.

Sermon Description: 

As we heard in today's sermon, the Bible is a gift God gave through the church to the church, and was intended to be read in a community that preserves the memory of what God has been doing and saying for generations. Bible commentaries are a way for us to read how other Christians before us have understood the Bible, allowing us to be in community even when reading Scripture on our own. Here are some resources that we have found valuable for both small group and personal Bible study.