A Neighbor 2 Neighbor Christmas

Nov 23, 2022

This Christmas we are partnering with our friends at Menotomy Manor to help provide Christmas gifts for the families served by our Neighbor 2 Neighbor team.

Help Families we Know and Love!

Sponsor a family by giving a gift card to the parents so that they can buy gifts for their children and be the heroes of the season! 

This is a great way for a family, a small group, a friend group, or any other community to serve together this holiday season.

How It Works

  1. Select an ornament off the Christmas tree in front of the sanctuary.
  2. Pray for the family described on the ornament.
  3. Purchase the recommended gift card ($30-$50).
  4. Return the gift cards to Highrock by Sunday, December 11th.

We hope to support over 60 families this season!

Questions? Contact Joe Marcucci at joem@highrock.org