Everybody Eats! Becoming a Host for a Holiday

Oct 25, 2019

The holidays can be the loneliest time of the year if you feel like an outsider. At Highrock, the Christmas concert has been a fun place to welcome non-Highrockers during the holidays. This year, instead of the concert we are asking, 'What would it look like if we practiced that same hospitality by welcoming others into our homes, around our tables - the ordinary and comfortable spaces in our lives?' Jesus told us that as we welcome strangers, we are welcoming Him! It requires vulnerability and faith to welcome a stranger into your home, and yet because Jesus welcomed us into His family, we are empowered to welcome others into God's family.

Some of us aren't used to hosting or feel too busy already. But since everyone has to eat, why not make space for one more? Let's step out in faith as a community! Would you welcome an international guest(s) into your home sometime over Thanksgiving or Christmas week (or both!)? 

Because we're all busy during this season, we are offering four opportunities in November and December to learn about hosting and connect with other Highrockers with whom you could co-host. After attending one of the orientations, we will match you with internationals based on your availability and schedule. Contact Carmen at carmenm@highrock.org with questions.

Hosting for the Holidays Orientations