Daring Greatly Small Groups

Thursdays through Nov 14
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
The Sanctuary at Mill Street (Highrock Arlington)
United States
Abby Rice

We are very excited to announce that this fall we are going to be working through Brené Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly.”

Brené Brown is a social worker, researcher, PhD, and explorer of all things human and feelings like courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her TEDtalk is one of the top-viewed videos!

Daring Greatly, one of her three New York Times bestsellers, explains how vulnerability is at the core of all feelings; difficult feelings like fear, anxiety and shame, and positive ones like love, joy, and passion. She teaches that we could all use a little more vulnerability in our lives and that embracing it means being courageous. By doing so we might not be able to fully eradicate shame from our lives, but we can build up shame resilience and develop healthy ways to identify, process, and move forward when shame strikes. 

Pastor Chris and Abby will also explore God’s model of vulnerability and how healthy vulnerability can begin to transform our narratives of shame.


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