Women's Community

If you’re a woman age 18 to 118, no matter who you are or where you're from, Highrock can be a place for you to connect and grow. While we can learn so much from being in community with both men and women, the Women's Community creates spaces specifically for women so that we can more freely connect, share our stories, serve the church, and encourage one another to go out and love our neighbors.

Looking for ways to get plugged in to the Women’s Community at Highrock?  Here are a few ideas:

Connection Events

Happening once each fall and spring, these events offer an opportunity to join other women for fellowship, food, and fun. These light-hearted social gatherings are great places to connect, find a women’s small group to join, and explore common interests.

Connection Suggestion: Visio Divina in Nature. Gather some friends or spend time reflecting by yourself. Click here for the Visio Divina guide. (Suggested location: Stevens- Coolidge Place, N. Andover)

Small Groups

Women’s small groups offer a chance learn more about each other and who God is, and get to know a few Highrockers more deeply.

  • To find out more about small groups for mothers, email our Momsrock Director, Michelle Swaim, at michelleSwaim@highrock.org
  • Our next Small Group series will begin in September 2019. 
  • For all other women's groups, email the Women's Community Director, Abby Rice, at abby@highrock.org


A great way to get to know other Highrockers is to serve alongside one another in the church and the community.  

For more information or to register for upcoming events, contact the Women's Community Director, Abby Rice, at abby@highrock.org

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