We believe marriage is a calling and a ministry. Therefore, we view the wedding ceremony as a commissioning of Christian marriage: a ceremony that involves family, friends, and your spiritual community. It is also a worship service and as such, your officiating pastor looks forward to working with you to ensure that your wedding retains the special character of worship. Weddings at Highrock are always a celebration, and we look forward to coming alongside you to share in your joy!

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our desire is for your marriage to flourish after the honeymoon is over! For this reason, pre-marital counseling is required for marriages at Highrock. Before sessions begin, both partners will complete the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory online for a one-time fee of $35. Your officiating pastor will use the results of the inventory to help guide your sessions. PREPARE/ENRICH enrollment and pre-marital counseling sessions are coordinated directly with your officiating pastor. 

Initial Arrangements and Pandemic Considerations

During this pandemic season we are constrained by Massachusetts regulations around gathering size and the comfort level of our pastoral staff. If you are hoping to be married at Highrock during this season, first speak with the officiating pastor to confirm their comfort level and availability before submitting a request through the Wedding Inquiry Form.

Once you have spoken with the officiating pastor, we invite you to begin a conversation with us about what a wedding in this pandemic season can look like. To initiate the conversation, please fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form. Our Events Administrator, Sandy Gannon, will then help you and the officiating pastor understand what is allowed and possible in this season and process the necessary pandemic waivers.

Please note, there is a facilities and labor cost associated with weddings at Highrock.

Still have Questions?

The best way to get in touch with us about weddings is to fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form. If you have questions beyond the scope of the form, please reach out to our Events Administrator, Sandy Gannon, at