We believe marriage is a calling and a ministry. Therefore, we view the wedding ceremony as a commissioning of Christian marriage: a ceremony that involves family, friends, and your spiritual community. It is also a worship service and as such, your officiating pastor looks forward to working with you to ensure that your wedding retains the special character of worship. Weddings at Highrock are always a celebration, and we look forward to coming alongside you to share in your joy!

Initial Arrangements

Reserving a Date

Highrock welcomes the use of its facilities for members and regular attenders; official members receive priority and a financial discount. If you would like to preview the sanctuary space, you are invited to join us for worship on Sunday or make an appointment with the Church Office.

Couples are encouraged to reserve the church facilities as far in advance as possible, as reservations are subject to church availability. Non-member weddings cannot be booked more than six months in advance of the wedding date.

To initiate the reservation process, please fill out the Wedding Information Sheet. The selected date and time should be agreeable to the wedding party, the officiating minister, accompanying musicians, and any others involved. Once an available date is confirmed with the church, send your nonrefundable deposit to Highrock Arlington to complete the reservation.


Several Highrock pastors are available to perform your wedding. If a relative or family friend is a pastor, you may have them officiate. The officiating pastor traditionally receives an honorarium for his or her services; for a schedule of suggested honorariums, please contact the Church Office. The officiating pastor will be available for both the rehearsal and the ceremony, but is typically not expected to attend the rehearsal dinner or reception, although you may certainly invite the pastor to both.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our desire is for your marriage to flourish after the honeymoon is over! For this reason, pre-marital counseling is required for marriages at Highrock. Before sessions begin, both partners will complete the Prepare/Enrich inventory online for a one-time fee of $35. Your officiating pastor will use the results of the inventory to help guide your sessions. Three appointments will be held approximately two weeks apart, and should be scheduled at least two months in advance of the wedding.

Facility & Labor Costs

  • Members: $750, which includes lighting and sound. Use of the fellowship hall and kitchen (by a properly certified person) is an additional $300. A non-refundable deposit of $200, payable to Highrock Church, is due at booking, and the balance is due one week prior to the wedding.
  • Non-Members: $1250, which includes lighting and sound. Use of the fellowship hall and kitchen (by a properly certified person) is an additional $400. A non-refundable deposit of $300, payable to Highrock Church, is due at booking, and the balance is due one week prior to the wedding.

Ceremony Planning

Wedding Coordinator

Highrock typically does not provide a “Wedding Coordinator” (someone who will coordinate the flow of the wedding ceremony, assist the wedding party, and host your guests). If your Wedding Coordinator is not familiar with our facilities, we recommend inviting a friend or family member who regularly attends Highrock to help you host your wedding.


It’s important to do a quick run through of your big day! Plan for your rehearsal to take about an hour the day before your wedding and to vacate the building by 6pm, as facilities are typically in use for church functions after that time. The officiating pastor can guide the rehearsal.


Because our facilities are in frequent use, decorations may not be put in place before the wedding date; instead, plan to decorate on the day of the wedding. Highrock does not provide décor or floral services.

Vows and Scripture Reading

One month prior to the wedding you may submit a suggested Scripture and the pastor will try to work it into the sermon. If you have any special requests regarding the ceremony, (e.g. you expect many of your guests are new to church and you would like to share the gospel), communicate those requests to the pastor at the same time. If you write your own vows, they must be submitted to the officiating pastor for review one month in advance.

Facility Guidelines

  • Time for setting up the sanctuary will be coordinated with the Church Office the week before the ceremony.
  • No permanent fixtures may be moved, including church artwork displayed in the sanctuary.
  • No nails, tacks, or pins may be used in decorating.
  • No glitter, confetti, etc., may be thrown inside the church. Birdseed, bubbles, and sparklers are permitted for outdoor use only. Rice may not be used at all.
  • All decorations, flowers, decorative flower petals, etc., must be removed immediately following the ceremony.
  • Please contact us before the wedding about any other questions, concerns, or preferences you have about set-up or the use of the facility and the various properties of the church.

Out-of-State Weddings

Because out-of-state celebrations take so much of their limited time away from their families and work, requested officiating pastors will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Information

Katie Vogele-Bongiovanni
Church Office - Rooms & Reservations
14 Mill St, Arlington, MA 02476 Phone: (781) 652-9859