Small Groups

What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a co-learning community where you can examine your experiences, perceptions, and big questions about life and following Jesus. Participants in these groups commit to meet consistently to study a topic of common interest, a sermon series, or a spiritual practice. The setting is ideal for going deep—in relationship and content—as you wrestle with hard truths and expand your understanding of God and the world.  

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Even if you have never attended Highrock, jump in and join a Small Group! Or, if you already have a few people in mind, use our free study materials to start your own group.

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Current Small Group Materials

Switch: Easter Changes Everything

In the years right after the resurrection of Jesus, a young Christian community was learning all about how Jesus's death and resurrection was like a switch that changed the world as we know it. It has implications for every single aspect of our lives: our relationships, our sense of self and purpose, our families, our character, and how we engage with darkness in the world. 

Follow along with the sermons, find discussion questions for your small group, and discover further resources on Highrock Online including our series companion prepared by our small group team.

Join a Group this Spring!

Pastors Kim and Chris will be leading a sermon discussion small group on Tuesday evenings over Zoom from 8:00-9:30pm from April 26th through May 31st. For more information, email or register using the button below.

Sermon Discussion Groups

For each sermon series, Highrock develops a series companion—as well as study guides for books of the Bible—to help you dive deeper. Use our series companions and study guides individually or in a Small Group with your congregation to enrich your study of Scripture.

This spring, we are studying Paul's letter to the Ephesians and his message that Jesus's death and resurrection change everything. Explore our series companion for details.

Small Group Facilitator Orientation

Considering leading a Small Group? Maybe you are rearing to go, or maybe you feel called to lead, but ill-equipped to do so. Present and future facilitators are invited to attend a Virtual Small Group Facilitator Orientation where you will learn that leading it isn’t about having the right answers but rather about having a posture of listening and curiosity. Group dynamics, expectations, and navigating difficult situations will be covered too! 

This orientation is given over Zoom a few times during the year, although the materials can also be used by an individual outside of a formal group session.

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Tools for Spiritual Growth

Explore our Spiritual Practices Resource List for explanations of various spiritual practices, as well as helpful videos and personal assessment tools.

Check out our other available Small Group materials in our extensive Resource Library at Highrock Online.

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Lead or Join a Small Group

Small groups with openings typically welcome new members at the start of a season, sermon series, or book study. To find out about small group openings or to inquire about leading one, contact the leader of a community group in which you're interested.