Small Group Resources: Ephesians


  1. (required) Ephesians by N.T. Wright (N.T. Wright for everyone Bible Study Guides)
  2. (suggested) Paul For Everyone, The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright
  3. (required) Ephesians Companion resource for Small Group discussion. Created by Highrock to aid in reading Scripture and outlining discussion questions.

Weekly Reading Guide

Click on each week to see more details and access further reading about the topics for that week. The Ephesians Companion resource outlines the reading schedule.

Write Ephesians

Each week, write out a chapter of Ephesians. Below are the total number of verses per chapter so you can plan out your writing schedule for the week. You could transcribe every other day, or whatever suits your schedule. Staying consistent and making a practice of writing out the letter can help you slow down and notice things which may not have otherwise stood out to you. With a maximum of 33 verses in Chapter 5, it breaks down to 7 verses daily over 5 days.

Spiritual Practices to Accompany Bible Study

As you take on a new study and a new commitment in your life, it can be helpful to integrate spiriutal practices as well. Below are two which assit with reading scripture and with integrating prayer in your daily life.