Making Space at the Table: Hospitality and the Heart of God | 5 of 6

What's Hard About Hospitality?

Adele Calhoun
Nov 19, 2017
Series Description

In this series, we learn about holy hospitality and how we can invite others to share in what God has already offered to us. Often we think of hospitality as how we entertain friends or family in our homes with good food and carefully decorated tables, but holy hospitality is so much more. When we realize that God’s own welcoming heart resides in each of us, we can open our hearts and homes to the lost and lonely, to new people, and to those who are different from us. At God's table, there is room for everyone - and all are invited to communion with God.


Stories from real life

It can be easy to show hospitality to others, with simple acts of kindness and a thoughtful welcome to others.