#GOALS: Dreaming of a Different Life

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Jan 09, 2022
Series Description

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“New year, new you” is how the saying goes. And after a year like 2021, plenty of us are ready for something new. We’ve pressed pause on our goals for too long! It’s time to get our lives back on track and maybe add some new goals as well. More security, more freedom, more community, more opportunity. But what if God has been dreaming of something different for us? What if God has different goals for us in the new year, goals we might like even better? This winter we'll see how the Holy Spirit was at work in the very first church. Like us, they had their own goals and dreams. But the Holy Spirit led them in ways they never could have expected to a life they never could have imagined. And we believe that the Holy Spirit wants to lead us this way now!

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