Full: Five Practices that can Transform Ourselves & the World

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Oct 17, 2021
Series Description

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It’s been said that the national mood for 2021 is “languishing”-  a sense of stagnation and emptiness. After a prolonged amount of time being overwhelmed, discouraged, confused, angry, and exhausted, we're tapped out! And yet, Jesus tells us that he has come to give life to the full. What if we were deeply connected to God in a way that stilled our anxiety, brought wholeness and health to our bodies and minds, and empowered us to pursue justice and reconciliation in our world? Jesus wants nothing less than that for us! This fall, you are invited to join us on a journey of exploring five practices that will help us experience the full life that Jesus offers. 

In addition, check out the Full sermon companion to help you take notes, keep track of themes, and provide questions for thought provoking discussion based on the sermons.

For further reading, we also suggest Rich Villodas' book The Deeply Formed Life, which this sermon series draws from.