Highrock Members' Meeting

May 23, 2020

All are invited to attend the annual Members’ Meeting on Saturday, June 20, at 9:15am. We’ll have updates from each campus (including the latest on our building project here in Arlington), review the annual budget, and welcome new Members and Overseers.  

We'll Be Meeting Via Zoom

All are invited to join the meeting and vote via Zoom video conference. If you are new to Zoom, please download and install the app beforehand. 

Once you register via the button below, the meeting link will be sent to you. During the meeting, you will be able to add your comments and questions in the chat area, and active Members may vote. 

Register in Advance

This quick step allows us to take attendance and count Member votes. Please take a moment now to register so that you can get the Zoom link for the meeting! 

Voting Via Zoom

All voting participants must join by 9:30am. To ensure that everyone who will be voting is present for the discussion of each item, the meeting will be closed to new participants promptly at 9:30am.

After the presentations are complete, Members will be given an opportunity to vote via Zoom poll. To certify that only Member votes are counted in the official tally, the vote will not be anonymous.

A digital copy of the ballot is provided for your reference. 

Questions? Reach out to Drew Hunter at drew@highrock.org