Enneagram Personality Styles: Workshops 1 & 2

Oct 11, 2018

Our Spiritual Transformation: Exploring the Enneagram (Workshop 1)

Every day we brush up against people with their blind spots, hot spots, and sweet spots; and we have those too! Sweet spots are places of connection, transparency, giftedness, and love; blind and hot spots reveal our false self-ego. How can we get a clear view of ourselves? How can we change?

In the first workshop in the Enneagram series, we will be exploring how we can be spiritually transformed through better understanding of our personality types. Note: we will not be taking an Enneagram test in conjunction with this workshop. Cost is $30.

November 10th, 8:30-3:00pm
Mill Street Sanctuary (14 Mill St, Arlington)

Be sure to register by November 7th.  Questions? Contact dougc@highrock.org for details. 


Going Deeper With the Enneagram (Workshop 2)

For alumni of Enneagram Workshop One who know that the Enneagram offers profound insight into our heart motivations, we're offering a chance to go deeper. Knowing your number is just the beginning of the journey toward self-understanding and transformation. Hopefully you have become more keenly aware how often your false-self energy arises throughout your day and in your relationships. You are now ready to examine more closely how your number interacts with its neighbors (Wings) and those to which it is connected (Arrows). In this workshop, we discuss how interdependent we are with the other numbers around the Enneagram circle and how such movement fosters our growth. We will also teach a little more depth about the Harmony Triad Theory that forms the basis of our new book.

November 3rd, 8:30-12:30pm
Mill Street Sanctuary (14 Mill St, Arlington)

Note: Only those who have completed Enneagram One training are eligible to attend.

Cost is $30. Registrations will close October 31st, 2018. For more information, contact dougc@highrock.org.