The Dove Project: Our Easter 2020 Artwork

Mar 24, 2020

This year's Easter Art Project

It has been Highrock's tradition for the whole congregation to contribute to an artistic expression for Easter Sunday. This Easter we are concluding our Lenten sermon series, Unlearn, with ideas for unlearning the habit of ​despair ​and developing the habit of ​hope​. As a reminder of the hope we see in Noah’s example and in Jesus’ resurrection, this year's art project is to make two paper origami doves.

The first dove​ ​is for you​ ​to keep​ at home as a reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. Even in this season when it may feel like there is so much despair around us, we can have hope in our knowledge that Jesus has overcome death and the grave, and through His resurrection He will make all things new.

The second dove we ask you to send back to Highrock​, to be incorporated into our Easter Sunday sermon art installation.

A Reminder of Our Hope in God

Take a moment to think about something that reminds you of God’s faithfulness and gives you hope for the future. This might be something God did through answered prayer, a person God used in your life, or a Bible verse. What has God done in your life that gives you hope?

Once you have folded the dove, write your reminder of hope on it. If you are comfortable, please write your name on the paper. Pastor Dave may share some of these stories during his sermon as encouragement for us all.

Drop Off Instructions

To be included in the art installation, please mail your dove to Highrock (preferred) or email Jill Swilling by noon, Thursday April 9th.

  1. Mail your dove to Highrock Arlington at 14 Mill St., Arlington, MA 02476. Please note “Easter Origami” on the envelope.
  2. If you cannot mail it, please email your reminder of hope to Jill Swilling (​​). Jill and her team will make a dove on your behalf and write your story on it for you. 

Origami Dove Folding Instructions

Please use whatever paper you have on hand at home. Any color (even white) is totally fine. The important thing is to make the paper into a square

You can use the origami dove tutorial for adults, a kid-friendly tutorial, or fold a bird you already know how to make!