Christmas Hospitality Challenge - Updated!

Nov 21, 2017

We've been pursuing an emphasis on holy hospitality for the past few weeks through our "Making Space at the Table" sermon series.

In response to our Christmas Hospitality Challenge to continue opening their hearts and homes, many Highrockers are hosting Christmas parties to welcome and bless friends and neighbors. The window to sign up for a visit from the Caroling Christmas Party Crashers has closed, but that doesn't mean you can't host a party without the party crashers! And if you find yourself unable to host a Christmas Party but would still like to participate in the Christmas Hospitality Challenge, you can volunteer to help the host! Offer yourself to help make someone’s party a success by assisting with set up, clean up, decorating, welcoming people at the door, cooking, being a DJ, contributing financially, or simply being a good guest who can socialize and make people feel welcome! The key is to be flexible and supportive to the host in whatever way you can.

To volunteer to help a party host, simply fill out the form by Thursday, November 30th. We will then coordinate with party hosts and you will be contacted based on need and your availability. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee everyone who volunteers will be matched to a party!


Tips for Hosts

We've compiled a planning guide for party hosts. It's filled with tips and thoughtful guidance on welcoming others into your home this holiday season.

Share Your Stories

To encourage others, share your stories of good, funny, goofy, not-so-great, and wonderfully heart-warming hospitality on social media using the hashtag




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