Neighbor 2 Neighbor

That All May Flourish

Inspired by the description of God's re-creative work recorded in Isaiah 65:17-25, the vision of Neighbor to Neighbor is that all people might flourish in their relationship with God, self, others, and the created world. To this end, we have two main focuses: visits to local neighborhood Menotomy Manor, and Neighbor2Neighbor Ministries, Inc. 

Have you heard about how we are helping connect and launch new entrepreneurs through Neighbor2Neighbor Ministries Inc.? 

All donations are tax-deductible and go to resourcing our entrepreneurs.

There's a Place for You

If you possess an immaterial longing to break down the barriers between the church and our neighbors, we could make that longing materialize into action.  If you want to make friends with those that others consider on the outside, but we consider our neighbors, we can make those introductions.  If your heart beats with this desire, but you have limited time, we can work with you to find you an outlet for focused, meaningful participation.  

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