Japanese Ministry & English Language Program

As part of Highrock's response to COVID-19, we are offering virtual classes throughout the week. If you would like to participate, please register using the links below and we will send you the information for these sessions.

Note: We cannot offer childcare at this time. 





Highrock’s Japanese Ministry and English Language Program is an outreach to Japanese women and families in our community.

忙しい奥様のためのアーリントン ハイロック教会 英会話教室のお知らせ

アーリントンのハイロック教会では、日本から来て間もない奥様達、子供の世話でなかなか英会話を習うことの出来ないお母様達、もう少し英語を上達させたい奥様達のために 英会話のクラスを行います。


お子さんがいるお母様のために、チャイルドケアーも用意しています。 チャイルドケアー時間中は、お子様だけを集めて、英語の歌、簡単な英語のレッスンもおこないます。お子様は何歳でもお預かりいたします


このプログラムによって提供される育児サービスは、Department of Early Education and Care または他のMassachusetts州の機関によって許可されていません。各子供は、1日に4時間以上、または月に6日以上出席することはできません。


期間 : 3月20日から 5月22日 毎週金曜日(4月24日を除く)Spring Session   

時間 : 9時15分から10時30分 ( チャイルドケアー9 時5分 から)

場所 :  Highrock Church  735 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

授業料(春8週間) : 春$60(別料金:チャイルドケアー 春$40、 教科代$30, $10)

連絡先 :    japaneseministry@highrock.org  (日本語での電子メールお問い合わせ可能)


The English Language Program for Japanese Mothers

At Highrock, we offer an ELL (English Language Learners) class for women who have just moved from Japan, who are busy raising children, or who haven't had a chance to improve their English.

In each class, the ELL instructor teaches conversational English, proper English pronunciation, and topics in American culture. An ELL textbook is utilized.

Childcare is provided for mothers with children at home. During the childcare time, the children sing English songs, do simple English activities, and have free play. Children of any age are welcome.

Dropoff begins at 9:05am. We have free play and a circle time during our time together. After circle time, the children will have a snack and some more play time until the end of class at 10:30am.

Note: Childcare services offered by this program are not licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care or by any other state agency. Each child may not attend more than 4 hours per day, or more than 6 days per month.

Class Time, Location, and Cost

We meet on Fridays from 9:15-10:30am (Childcare drop off begins at 9:05am) in the main church building (735 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA 02476)

  • The Spring Session runs from March 20 through May 22, 2020   Note: there will be no class on April 24  

Cost (per 8 week session)

  • Spring sessions: $60
  • Childcare for spring session: $40
  • Textbook: $30 for the English Foundation class, $10 for the English Usage and Discussion class

For more information, email Akari Dollard and Sharry Andrews at japaneseministry@highrock.org


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