Milestones: Raising A Jesus-Loving Generation

Welcome to Milestones! This curriculum is Highrock's way of partnering with parents in raising a Jesus-loving generation by coming alongside you during key transitions or spiritual milestones in the formation of your child. To understand more about what this curriculum is all about, we encourage you to check out our 11-minute Milestones Introduction. You can listen to or download the audio, or read the text. To download the audio: right-click, CTRL-click, or long-tap the audio, and choose "Save As".

We currently have eleven Milestonesbut will likely be adding even more. The Milestones that are highlighted below have additional materials that you can access by clicking on that MilestoneIf you are new to Highrock and want to get a sense of what a Milestone looks like, try out Milestone 1: The Call, which is done completely online. That material is designed for new parents, but most of the concepts apply to parents with kids of any age!