Young Adult Community Fall Retreat

Oct 11-13, 2019
(All day)
Brookwoods Conference Center
United States
Justin Choi

Projects and deadlines, endless class notes and upcoming exams, meals and gatherings that increasingly feel like have-to's rather than want-to's . . . Hustled and harried, you breath a sigh of relief as you reach home and crash in front of a screen. From deep within, a thought emerges that "There has to be more!" but is quickly silenced by the barrage of notifications hitting your phone. It's tempting to just disengage, and even when you want to engage, it's difficult to choose with so much that calls for your attention.

Let's disengage together from the regular rhythms of life so we can rest and recalibrate. Let's together seek a godly, life-giving vision for life that allows us to re-engage life with a deeper sense of purpose and direction!