Theology Discussion Group: Canceled

Oct 15, 2019
7:15 pm to 8:45 pm
Mill Street Lounge (Highrock Arlington)
United States
Scott Rice

Update: Oct 15 meeting canceled due to scheduling conflict 

Christians have often described theology as ‘faith seeking understanding.’ In this theology discussion group we will explore questions of faith: Why does God allow suffering in the world? We call God a Trinity; what’s that (and why does it matter)? How should we read the Bible? This group isn’t about getting all the right answers (though maybe some!), but is a place to examine our common faith together.  

At the first meeting on September 24th, we will discuss different ideas of what theology is. Scott will help to get conversation going with a brief overview of our topic (5-10 minutes). Then, with some guiding questions, we will talk about the week's topic. And since our Christian intellectual curiosities are not meant to be separated from every day life, we will spend the final moments of our conversation on connections to faith, every day experience, and personal application. 

For our meeting on October 15th, we will discuss why God became a human being (or, the incarnation of Jesus). Was this necessary? What does this tell us about God, our neighbors, and the world around us? We will use a short reading (~5 pages), available ahead of time, from an Egyptian Christian named Athanasius to help stir our thinking on the topic. 

Discussion topics for November 5th and December 3rd are TBD in connection with your interests! 

Join other Highrockers for conversations on these and other topics. Curiosity encouraged. No theological background or training needed. Come to any one or all of the discussions!