Milestone 7: The Preparation

Fridays through June 5
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
United States
Justin Choi

Entering middle school years can be both exciting and challenging for children entering adolescence. New relational dynamics, hormonal changes, academic pressures, and spiritual questions can make this a confusing time. Our dream is that 5th graders who graduate from Kidsrock will be prepared spiritually to enter into this transition with a healthy, biblical understanding of friendships. 

Fifth graders and their parents are invited to a 5-week online class on making and maintaining good friendships, honoring others, and experiencing Jesus as their good friend. Students will have the opportunity to participate in middle school youth group and break out with their peers and leaders for specific teaching and conversation. 

A parent-specific conversation on May 15 will also offer suggestions for preparing children for adolescence. 

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