Highrock Means Business Event

Apr 27, 2019
8:45 am to 10:15 pm
Mill Street Lounge (Highrock Arlington)
Carmen Maianu
Many of us want to have an impact for the kingdom in our workplaces, but don't always know how. Highrock Means Business is a gathering of professionals across the Highrock Network who share a vision and values.

Together, we discuss the unique challenges and opportunities as Christians in our professions, and get equipped to be ministers in our day jobs. Join us for an opportunity to hear stories from our community, be inspired, connect with others and meet new people.

When we think of the intersection of our faith and work, we want there to be more intersection, but we often struggle to see what this looks like practically.  Sometimes we feel we just need to be good people, often times we do work hard, but don't necessarily connect the dots to understand what this has to do with our faith.    Our gathering will address the questions:   "HOW can we live with out our faith with humility and excellence in our workplaces?"  "What does it looks like to be a believer in your profession in the midst of the challenges, obstacles and at times loaded workplace culture?"  "Amidst all the voices we hear, what does God have to say about how to increase your influence in your work?"

Join us as we hear from Pastor Dave and Karla Driskill, Executive Coach and Trainer as well as testimonies from other Highrockers followed by a time for discussion.  Invite a friend and please RSVP here. Contact Carmen at carmenm@highrock.org with questions.