Anchor Community

Our vision is to be a diverse contemplative community centered around Christ and spiritual practices.

Who is Anchor for?

Anchor is for anyone seeking communion with God, Christ-centered community, and transformative experiences that can change the way we live and love. Although the timing and rhythms of our gatherings may be better suited to certain lifestyles (we are not able to offer childcare), our desire is to be a richly diverse community of many different life stages and backgrounds. We believe a genuine spiritual community is not meant to be solely comprised of people who are just like us. In fact, God has designed us to be bound together with others who are different in order that we might more fully be the Body of Christ. So, whether you’re single, married, married with younger or older children, a single parent, or a senior, you are welcome and have a place to belong at Anchor!

Why “Anchor?”

Early Christians used the anchor as a symbol of safety and the hope found in Christ. Thus, it serves as a powerful symbol for what our ministry is all about. In a culture that is constantly drawing us away from God and from the kind of life and love for others we were made for, Christ is our anchor who keeps us centered and safe in the midst of storms and drifting currents. In a transient city like Boston, Anchor can be a place where people find safe harbor, build a life rich with relationships and purpose, and grow deeper into a life of following Jesus.

What are Anchor gatherings like?

We meet every 1st and 3rd Friday evening of the month at The Mill (14 Mill St., Arlington, MA). As a new Community Group, we will be journeying together to discover the rhythms and practices that will be most nourishing to our community. However, you can expect many of the things that have marked authentic Christian community in every culture and every age: worship, Scripture, fellowship, sharing stories, and the breaking of bread. In addition, one distinctive of Anchor is a focus on shared experiences of liturgy and time-tested spiritual practices from a variety of Christian traditions. Ultimately, it’s not the program that will make Anchor what it is. It’s the people, sharing life and love together, in fellowship with the God who shares his life and love with us.

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February 7 at 7:15 PM
February 14 at 7:15 PM
February 21 at 7:15 PM