Abby Rice
Jul 09, 2020

There is no one-prayer-style-fits-all way to connect with God. These resources provide a jumping off point, offering practices and language to help you grow your prayer life.

Dave Swaim
Jun 06, 2020

Sometimes we can't see the way privilege biases our thinking and behavior. To combat this, we are creating a collaborative council of pastors of color to help our church see through clearer lenses as we move toward racial justice.

Dave Swaim
May 22, 2020

How can Highrock "reopen", when we never shut down? Our church buildings will remain closed for the time being, but as a community we continue to worship, learn, and serve together. Let's embrace the opportunity we've been given to reach more hearts than ever before!

Highrock Church
Apr 12, 2020

God is working in new and powerful ways amidst a difficult and exhausting time. Join us in our #spreadthehope campaign to identify and pray for those who could use some hope right now, then share how you are spreading the hope!

Highrock Church
Mar 31, 2020

Need help? Want to help? Highrock Church is connecting people to ways to give and receive care during this quarantine period.

Dave Swaim
Mar 12, 2020

Out of an abundance of love, Highrock Churches across our Network are canceling all in-person gatherings and making use of online alternatives when possible.

Highrock Church
Feb 29, 2020

This Lent at Highrock, we invite you to join us in unlearning some unhealthy habits so that something truly transformative can be learned in its place.

John Mury
Aug 04, 2019

Jesus said we should consider singleness in order to be more fully-devoted to God. But what about those of us who are already married?

Dave Swaim
Jun 20, 2019

Highrock Arlington has been a wonderful place to welcome neighbors, friends, and students/scholars from all over the world as we follow Christ, but we continue to outgrow our space! Will you join us as we invest in a new building project and more?

Walt Quick
Mar 24, 2019

Experience the gift of confession this Lent