Dave Swaim
Jul 27, 2018

For years many of us have lamented how fragmented the Christian community is in Boston.  I've always believed that it is due to a lack of leadership, but recently I've wondered if the real problem is too much leadership, meaning that everyone wants unity so long as it means everyone else following or agreeing with me.   


what we need now is more "followership"


Perhaps what we need now is more "followership", meaning churches willing to NOT be in charge.  I think this is an especially essential spiritual growth edge for larger movements like Highrock. 

A diverse group composed primarily of smaller urban congregations of color is gathering for a worship night, and has asked all Christians in Greater Boston to join them at the UniteBoston Summer Worship event. Too often larger churches ignore these invitations because we already have our own busy calendars, but this only perpetuates our division. This is a chance to change that. 

This group will include Christians of every ethnic, economic, and denominational stripe, so it's probable that not all the songs or styles will be your favorites, but I believe that this is a moment to be led by brothers and sisters in Christ for the sake of the unity of the Body of Christ. 

I encourage you to come if you can, and please forward this invitation to all your friends in every other church around Greater Boston, charismatic to Catholic and everything in between, so that the Church can be represented in her full diversity and splendor. 


Support the Event

Finally, this group does not have the financial means to pay for this event, so as a way of playing our part in the larger body, I would like Highrock to cover the costs.  Already Highrockers have donated $2100 toward the total need of $5326.  If you are willing to help in a way that is beyond your regular tithe, please make out a check to "UniteBoston" (not Highrock), and bring it to your local Highrock on Sunday, or send it by Aug 7 to:

Highrock Arlington
14 Mill Street
Arlington, MA 02476

I don't know what this event will be like, but I am looking forward to a new experience while building new relationships as we worship with our spiritual family whom I don't yet know.  

Many Blessings, 
Pastor Dave