Trading Harmful Habits For Habits That Heal

Highrock Church
Feb 29, 2020

Unlearn: Trading Habits that Harm for Habits that Heal

During Lent, we will be exploring harmful habits that have become prevalent in our culture and consider how to counter them with life-giving and Godly practices that will both heal us and bless others. 

When we become aware of how harmful habits have shaped us, we can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of change we feel compelled to make. With this in mind, we invite you to prayerfully choose one or two habits from the list below that you feel God is prompting you to address now, in this season. Then use this 40 day period to focus on letting go of the unhealthy pattern so you can take up a healing habit in its place. 

Response cards will be available at church to help you think through potential steps to take and to request prayer.