Community Groups & Small Groups at Highrock Arlington

Highrock Church
Sep 01, 2017

Every fall, many people come to Highrock asking us to find them a small group, and we understand why. Like so many of us, we remember a time when a small group experience was so helpful! We met other Christians who were asking similar questions and facing similar struggles, and we studied God's Word together in a way that helped us grow. We also discovered that small groups are a great way to grow in faith and make Christian friends.

So many of us have had that same great experience, but along with recognizing some of the limitations of small groups, we have also noted that the best small groups are inherently intimate because people share spiritual life together. Therefore, while they can be wonderful, it can be awkward to simply throw strangers together into a group with that much intimacy and commitment. It can be a little like kissing on the first date.  

When people new to Highrock ask for small groups, often what they are really seeking are ways to get connected! This is the vision of our church, so we affirm this desire and are eager to help. But we have discovered that in certain life-stages, especially for older Christians or families, there may be better ways to help people achieve that than simply tossing them into a small group with strangers.

This fall, we have intentionally aligned around Community Groups, which are mid-sized gatherings of people who share a vision (like Anchor), life stage (like Young Adults), or gender (like Women's Community). These are groups where we do life together, that are designed to meet the spiritual and relational needs of a diverse community like ours. Each group hosts gatherings and special events regularly and is led by a member of our staff. Community Groups provide opportunities for people to get to know one another before sharing spiritual and personal growth in the tighter circle of a small group. 

Another way to find your place in the Highrock community is to share your time and talents in one of our ministries. Ministries are where we serve togetherSo many Highrockers have found that relational connection while serving alongside one another in the church and the community.

So if you are looking for spiritual relationships, fellowship, and a way to get plugged in here at Highrock, a Community Group is a great place to start. You can find a complete list of groups on our Community Groups page. The leader of each Community Group will be able to direct you to any small group openings within that community. Interested in serving with other Highrockers? Check out our Ministries page to see what opportunities might fit your interests.