Anchor: A Space to Encounter Christ Personally

Eugene Kim
Sep 20, 2018

Since starting the new Anchor Community Group last year, I often encounter people who are curious about what Anchor is and what it’s about. So here are a few explainers to help:


All Ages and Life-stages

Anchor is not a lifestage or gender affinity group. We are diverse, inter-generational, and inclusive. No extra labels required. It means anyone is welcome anytime! It also means it is not centered around anyone’s demographic or social needs. It is a spiritual community centered around Christ; a place where anyone can belong. It’s one of my favorite things about it and what makes it (in my opinion) one of the best places to see Jesus!

Spiritual Practices

Anchor is not about finding answers to our particular problems or adding to our head knowledge. It’s focused on spiritual practices and making space for mystery and communing with God. It’s not about the pastor, worship leader, or program. It’s about making space for us to encounter Christ personally.

An Antidote to a Busy World

Anchor is an antidote to our hurried, anxious, and over-stimulated world. We practice silence and slowing down. We shed our outer selves and rest into the loving presence of God. It’s low-key in a good way.

The Kind of Spirituality We Never Knew We Needed

One of the unique characteristics of Anchor is that we are on a contemplative journey! Contemplative spirituality is a tradition that stems from 3rd century Eastern Christianity. Most of us have been immersed in “Western” spirituality which is primarily about knowing more and doing more. Eastern contemplative spirituality might be summarized as a way of seeing, being, and letting go as the pathway to connecting with God. It involves shedding our agendas, embracing mystery, and practices like silence, centering prayer, and lectio divina. I often say, “It’s the spirituality so many people really need. They just don’t know it yet!”

A Typical Evening at Anchor

What is Anchor like? We start with snacks and greeting one another. We gather in a circle with a candle at the center to signify that Christ is the center of our gathering. Then we rest into a liturgy (an order of worship with prayers, Scriptures, songs, etc.) that is printed on paper (we are low tech!). We engage in conversation about a spiritual practice, then do it together. Then we break into groups to share our experiences and ways we have seen and met God.


Join Us!

I have grown and learned so much from starting and being a part of Anchor over the past year. And I hope more people can come discover what a special and unique community it is. If any of what I’ve described strikes a chord with you, I hope you’ll join us! We gather every 1st and 3rd Friday at 7:15pm in the Mill Sanctuary. No need to do anything but show up and be open!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me at

- Eugene