Christmas Hospitality Challenge

Nov 5, 2017

We've been pursuing an emphasis on holy hospitality for the past few weeks through our "Making Space at the Table" sermon series. Now it's time to put what we've been learning into practice and make some space in our homes this holiday season!


We’re issuing a special Christmas Hospitality Challenge for Highrockers to open their homes and hearts by throwing a Christmas party!


We’ll provide tips and resources to help your party be a success. And to add to the fun, Highrock is organizing a special team of Caroling Christmas Party Crashers to visit your party with live music and merriment! If you would like to invite the Caroling Christmas Party Crashers to visit your party, your party must be held on either the weekends of December 8-10 or December 15-17. Since we can't be everywhere at once, team availability will be subject to demand and schedule limitations.

Ready to Jump In? Here's What to Do

  1. Discuss at home or partner up with other Highrockers to plan an awesome Christmas Party! Think about what kind of party you would like to host (small and intimate, big and loud, or something in between). Will there be a theme? Will your guests be invited to support a cause (e.g. hurricane relief, toys for tots, etc.)? Will there be a meal provided or will it be potluck?
  2. Choose a venue, date, and time.
  3. Fill out this form by November 17th to let us know how we can support you.
  4. Make a guest list that includes friends, neighbors, and colleagues you would like to reach out to, and send invitations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  5. Start planning your party!

Some parties will be loud and rowdy, some may be quiet and intimate. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, our hope is that we would take the challenge to extend hospitality to our friends, neighbors, and colleagues with peace and joy!

Stay tuned for tips and resources.

More Info


Share YOUR ideas on social media using the hashtag #highrockhospitality

If you can’t throw a party, join one!

We will be publishing a list of parties open to other Highrockers who can help host. That can include helping with preparations, chipping in for costs, set up and clean up, or simply being a good party guest!


Email and our staff team will be happy to help!